Psychotherapy and CounselingFace to face and remotely

Long-term care that focuses on the initial requests you come in with, which are all, too often, the tip of the iceberg.
When is it indicative that I should start psychotherapy?
Individual psychotherapy is an opportunity for a person to spend time on himself/herself. The emotions that crush an individual or the experience of psycho-stressful situations, can be addressed through the psychotherapeutic relationship and can be the beginning of relief. Psychotherapy is the microcosm where all difficulties in contact with the world outside therapy begin and slowly emerge. It is the space
where all the repetitive behaviors that bring a person to the same impasse are made clear. Personal priorities emerge which allow an individual to begin to be and feel adequate, functional, calm and fulfilled.
Sessions of a specific duration with the aim of solving a specific issue that concerns the person.
How do I come to realize that I should start counseling? When I am in a dilemma about a personal choice. When I need an experienced professional by my side to help me make clear decisions in order to move on to the next phase of my life and to deal with many other stressful situations. Therapy allows me to reach out to my psychotherapist/mental health counselor to work together on specific topics that concern me, for a specific period of time.

    Therapy Process


    PHASE 1The first contact

    Start to build a relationship with your therapist and see how in each moment, in the here and now, you can gain an understanding of how you feel inside which can make all the difference.

    PHASE 2Recognition of difficulties

    You can recognize the things that stress you and and you can observe yourself, through the therapeutic relationship. You have the time and safe space to articulate all that is on your mind in any way you need to.

    PHASE 3Deepening

    Emotions slowly emerge into which you put your unique content, according to your story. You consciously accept everything that has injured you, you include it, and you know what happens to you when you feel it and outside of therapy.

    PHASE 4You are reaping the fruits of your efforts

    At some point you've developed new ways of relating, ways that don't hurt you. You have learned to include others, without getting lost in the relationship with them and you become creative in diversity.


    Online Sessions

    For those who live in hard-to-reach areas or it's not easy to commute, sessions are also held remotely.

    Organizations and companies counseling

    Coordinating groups of employees for the purpose of stress management, conflict resolution and mental resilience to daily demands.